Finamigo is one of India's emerging consulting firm. At finamigo, we provide wealth management services to high and Ultra high-net-worth individuals (HNIs & UHNIs).

Our highly trained and specialized team engage with clients from across the country as well as those based abroad. In addition to our custom-designed solutions, we focus on 'uncomplicating' the entire process of investment for each client. Our focus on building long-term relationships defines our business. Our advisory backed by a strong product and research team, underscores the unmatched value of the Finamigo proposition.

In our view, effective and holistic wealth management is about three critical aspects:

Generating consistant & sensible returns that can beat inflation and create wealth

Building safety nets to protect one's wealth from unforeseen circumstances.

Building an estate plan to ensure near-zero transmission loss  while transmitting wealth to the next generation.

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